Workstation build Designing system around intel i7-990X

I got a gift for my birthday of an intel i7-990x and I was planning on building a new machine around it but coming from the gaming world I am unsure what work station components to use with this. I am going to be using the new computer with solid works CFD, FEA etc so while doing research on the systems I stumbled across CUDA GPU computations. Searched for a video card in my price range and found the Nvidia Quadro 4000 seemed to fit the bill. I am looking for suggestions for mother boards, power supplies memory and other components to make the most out of my combination without breaking the bank. I was looking at the DX58SO2 motherboard but was wondering if there was anything that was better for stability/ computation power. The main reason I am asking is because I have used several different memory companies and I seen to always end up with memory errors due to hardware degradation after several months of use.



I have no experience with your apps, but there are good reasons to think that, for the money you’re willing to spend on Quadro 4000, you can get a water cooled GeForce GTX590, which will vastly outperform Quadro 4000 in most situations. There are some specific features that Quadro has that GTX590 doesn’t, but I’m not qualified to talk about them.

I’d put the whole system on water cooling too, including memory. Personally, I never had trouble with failing memory chips, but I suppose it’s possible if you put the system under heavy load all the time and you don’t have adequate cooling.

Also, definitely get a big SSD for your boot drive.

I was thinking that the work station graphics cards are load tested for a day or so and error checked prior to shipping. I want stability and accurate calculations for when I do CFD that runs for 2-3 days at a time computing the data set. That is a good point tho with the SSD harddrive. I have been looking into those for speed, power consumption and thermal reasons.

Anyone else with suggestions?

Quadro does have error-correcting memory. The actual chips come from the same fab. Even if desktop chips are more error-prone (I can’t say from experience whether they are), the fact that the 590 should outperform Quadro 4000 on most adequately optimized tasks by a factor of 3 to 5 should give you ample time to redo the simulation.

Boot speed is phenomenal. How’d you like power-off to the first browser window in 20 seconds?

For a WS Mobo I would recommend the Asus P6T7 Super computer mobo. I have been using it myself 24/7 for the past 9 months without issue running heavily OC’d and running constant protein folding simulations.

And you are correct the Quadro series of GPUs is a much more stable GPU with much more vram than its geforce counterparts. At the end of the day you can use a geforce card but it will struggle with doing ram intensive computational work. Also the GTX 590 is lacking vram and is its major defect. As for memory for the mobo Corsair Domintor ram while expensive is rock solid stable and I have nevr had any memory issues from them.


There are a number of pro-level commercial programs that require the Quadro for certain kinds of acceleration, and these SolidWorks packages might be in that category. (I’ve never understood the reason for this, but the people who make the software make the rules.) For CUDA programs you write yourself, the GeForce cards are a good substitute for most cases.

I just looked at solid works drivers and they have 0 drivers for the gtx series so it looks like i am going to be getting the quatro.