Worldwide GTX TITAN X shortage?

Sorry this isn’t really a programming question but does anyone have any information on the availability of the GTX TITAN X? We’re having trouble sourcing them and our suppliers are telling us there is a worldwide shortage. Are these cards still in production? lists a couple of German vendors that have Titan X cards in stock.

Similarly, offers to search in other EU countries.


We have noticed something similar ourselves, which we are using as indication that Big Maxwell production was wound down and all that is left is those that were still in the ‘channel’. Hopefully this will mean that the Pascal Titan will be coming shortly but it does leave us in a bit of a hole currently, especially with the un-announced nature of it all.

This said I understand it is very unlikely to get an official announcement either confirming or denying it, just wanting to say that you are not the only one who has thought this. It happened in a similar way with Maxwell’s roll out where the Titan Blacks became hard to come causing us to find system-builders who had some left over to buy off for our products.

So now the GTX 1080 has been announced things are a bit clearer. The GTX TITAN X still has a very small memory bandwidth advantage (although I guess factory overclocks might eat into that) and a significantly more video memory. I wonder if we’ll be seeing a GTX 1070 or 1080 with 16GB memory?

GTX 980 Ti & 980 have been removed from the product list, both are discontinued but the TITAN X is still there, probably for compute customers that want the extra 4GB of memory for their large datasets that exceed the 8GB memory on the 1080 & 1070.

You probably won’t see a Pascal GP100 TITAN 16GB HBM2 until next year.

As for 16GB 1080 or 1070, it is possible but currently unknown if any of Nvidia’s AIB partners will make such a SKU.