Worried about the Jetson board.. or can we expect a new replacement soon?


"Sales of the company’s Tegra CPUs for mobile devices were down 7.9 per cent from the same period a year ago, with the division posting revenue of $128m.

Nvidia has said it plans to get out of the mobile chips business, where it has lagged behind competitors, and that it will focus instead on gaming, automotive, and cloud applications."

The Tegra as a part in the Jetson board, is one of the soon to be given up device?

Thanks for your attention on NV news.
We are still working on the embedded segment and this would extend the mobile business to more field.
The mobile is not just smartphone and tablet.
You would see Tegra device involved in more intelligent device and industry device in the future.
GPU is the core of nvidia business, it will extend to everywhere it is valuable.