Would ssd's write speed faster if I boot from it?

Hi. It might be a stupid question but seems no one mentions about it so I think it’s better to open a topic juet for sure. The question is just as the topic: Would ssd’s write speed faster if I boot from it? Or it should be same writing to ssd rather install my OS in sd card or ssd? If answer is yes, may I have some instructions? The situation is recording some large rosbag to current ssd. Thank you.


We don’t have such test on different external storages.

But the speed should not have big difference.

Thank you for your reply. Then I will not going to move my OS to ssd. The reason I want to know this is because I found a strange thing: if I record a rosbag to a sd card directly, sometimes buffer exceed warning comes out but most time it was ok. However, since ssd has way faster than sd card, I tried to record it to a ssd(connected with M.2 slot directly). In this case buffer exceed occours every time very soon. I did a benchmark test of that ssd and I think write speed of it is just fast as normal, seems transformation speed from buffer to ssd is slower than to sd card. Maybe it’s not about writing speed?