WoW performance with D3D renderer?

Well I’m fooling around with WoW and D3D renderer to see what performance I can get. So far on my

3570k @ 4.4 GHz
GTX 770

I get around 30-40 FPS in Pandaria and a bit more in other cities. This is at high settings. It feels I should have more with my rig but sadly no go.
I’m using latest wine and 331 drivers from xorg PPA.

What is your experience with D3D and WoW?

P.S. I’ve tried OpenGL but it disables a lot of settings (shadows at low among others) so I’m not really liking it.

You can get frame rates close to windows if you set the environment variables __GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATIONS=1 WINEDEBUG=-all and/or use a patched wine version. See for a patch.

I get almost everywhere 60+ fps with ultra settings (only shadows to high) and an old GTX 570 and a i7 2600 @5GHz, without patch and threading it was more like 30 fps.

See for some more background information.

May I bother you for some additional info? Like what is your wine version and also what drivers do you use? Also do you have any other additional tweaks to your wine install? Oh and lastly what is your resolution?

I tried some patched wine version out there (didn’t compile it myself) and tried those two arguments and FPS certainly improved. I can get around 50-60 now in Pandaria and 40-50 in Org.

I guess your CPU is higher clocked and can perform better.