Write usda file to omniverse server via python

im trying to write a usda file to the omniverse server from rhino via gh code. how would i do that?

or is there any other way to live-link a usda file to the omniverse usda root authoring layer? Because
if i link a local usda file which is stored on my pc to the scene it wont have the live-sync cloud…

thanks. matthias

Hello matthias,
Thank you for the post. I will send your inquiry to the proper channels for review.
Thank you for your patience


Do you need to do this yourself? We have a Connector for Rhino/Grasshopper that works now.


Hello Brian,
yes but the Rhino connector only allows me to live connect the geometry to the viewer? whereas i need to stream to omniverse create. is there anyway to use the omniverse sdk in python or ghpython?
thank you, matthias

Hi Matthias,

You don’t need to live stream the data from Rhino (or Grasshopper). You can control when the data is published. This data is viewable in Create as well as View.

I’m looking into the Python route for you to access the same libraries we access in the Rhino Connector (C++). The C++ ones are available through the Sample SDK found in the Connector section of Exchange on the Launcher.