Writing Images to the Jetson Nano

I’ve been trying to get the headless device mode to work on the Jetson Nano, according the DLI course, and I was wondering if my problems stem from the beginner steps; writing the image on to the Jetson. Is the DLI image provided in the course different from the Jetson Nano Dev Kit image, and should I write the DLI image onto the Jetson as well now?

It’s urgent, someone help!!

For now, since time is of the essence, I’m going to write the DLI image as well. I’d still like to know if there’s a difference, though.

I wrote the DLI image to the Jetson and JupyterLab worked!


It should be fine.

The DLI image should be a snapshot for a certain JetPack version.
Although it may not include the latest software, the image should be well setup for the LAB use case.


There is this post that explains well how to build your own image