Wrnch motion capture usage with PC workstation?

I am using PC workstation to capture motions with wrnch from webcam.

I have got green light from wrnch support for my hardware setup. Now I try to follow this tutorial:


When I start to follow that, I bump to a problem at the first meters:

  1. Set Up wrnch CaptureStream

But Wrnch CaptureStream is for IOS only. So I just have to skip that part, I guess.
So where from I shall start to follow this tutorial?

From wrnch.ai releases info webpage I found this:

“Optionally, you may visualize the 3D output of CaptureStream on your PC by using wrnch ReceiveVisualize, a companion app for Windows and Mac.”

So do I start by installing that to my PC workstation?

Hello there, thanks for bringing this to our attention, I’ll send this to the devs and get you some help. Thanks in advance for your patience.

The solution was to download this CaptureStream for PC:


For the CaptureStream PC app, you can download it from wrnch Developer Portal

This should have been covered in the Omniverse docs, I will review for the confusion. Apologies for the confusion.


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