wrong $(CUDA_VERSION) in visual studio 2017 (10.2 expected but I'm getting 10.0)


After installing cuda toolkit 10.2 on windows 10 I’m unable to launch NvCodec solution projects as they depend on cuda 10.0.props instead of 10.2.props (every project is using global CUDA_VERSION macro)

Examining $(CUDA_VERSION) in visual shows “10.0” instead of “10.2”, do you know why, or how to update this value?

I’m using visual studio 2017 community.


Same issue with VS2015 professional…

So in the root of the samples directory is NvCodec.props. On the 5th line, CUDA_VERSION is set. Change that to 10.2 and all the projects should load. I would guess this would happen to anyone opening the samples, which leaves me scratching my head.

Ensuring only the path to latest version Cuda is added to PATH variable in Environment Variables should help resolve the ambiguity right ?

I don’t think so. The CUDA_VERSION is a variable itself (sepearate from any path) and is defined in the props file.

Agreed, but that variable does not look like highest precedence.