Wrong jacobian from isaac sim for floating-based robots

Hi Team,

I would like to report a potential bug in getting jacobians from the isaac sim.
I’m using orbit (NVIDIA-Omniverse/orbit: Unified framework for robot learning built on NVIDIA Isaac Sim (github.com)) to train RL policy for legged robots and I would like to get jacobian matrix estimation from isaac sim.

One example environment would be Isaac-Velocity-Flat-Anymal-C-v0 provided in the orbit packages.

After step, I tried to get jacobian through
and access the the first environment, FL_FOOT position jacobian respect to joint positions by [0, 4, 0:3, -12:].

The entries are mostly zeros, which is definitely wrong in this case.

Could you help with this?

This was discussed on the GitHub repo: [Bug Report] Jacobian calculation for quadruped robot · Issue #267 · NVIDIA-Omniverse/orbit · GitHub

The issue is now resolved.

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