Wrong link to schematics in 'Tegra_Linux_Driver_Package_Nano_Adaptation_Guide.pdf' (R32 Version 1.0)

Looking through the ‘Tegra_Linux_Driver_Package_Nano_Adaptation_Guide.pdf’ on page 15 found a link to a schematic but when I clicked it I downloaded Jetson_AGX_Xavier_Developer_Kit_Carrier_Board_Design_Files_B03.zip

Besides that, I’ve been looking around for a nice powerful SOM for a form factor like this for months.



Hi Dave, this link was included erroneously in this version of the guide. The finalized collaterals for product and carrier board design will be released around the time that the production module becomes available in June. There are still some details being finalized around custom designs.

Thanks for reporting this mistake. This will get fixed in next release as dusty_nv said.