Wrong/missing include in cudnn_cnn_train.h (cudnn 8)


the documentation https://docs.nvidia.com/deeplearning/sdk/cudnn-release-notes/rel_8.html says that the cudnn_cnn_train library depends on cudnn_ops_infer, cudnn_ops_train, and cudnn_cnn_infer. In the header file cudnn_cnn_train.h only cudnn_ops_infer.h and cudnn_cnn_infer.h are included and cudnn_ops_train.h is missing. Shouldn’t it be cudnn_cnn_infer.h cudnn_ops_train.h (which, in turn, includes cudnn_ops_infer.h) ?

Thanks in advance

Hi @johannes.anastasiadis,
I am checking on this, please allow me some time to revert with possible solution.