Wrong naming of imported usd-files

I have usd file obtained from A2F.
Let it be “My_voice.usd”
When i import it to UE5, name of imported asset will be “anim_My_voice.usd” (it’s not a problem).
When i:

  1. Rename “My_voice.usd”-file to “Something_different.usd”
  2. Import “Something_different.usd” to UE5.

The name of UE-asset i suppose should be “anim_Something_different.usd”
But name of the UE-asset will be “anim_My_voice.usd” (as it was exported from A2F).
I think there is some metadata inside usd-file, so resulting naming based on metadata-name, not file-name.

Of course, i can rename it manually, but i use automatic batch import, so renaming 50-files manually is quite annoying. Automatic renaming (during import) not possible, because exposed function “Load Facial Animation” does not return usd asset (i.e. “anim_My_voice.usd”) for renaming it by UE5 tools. Also i do not know resulting name of UE asset, for cast to it directly.

How to handle this problem?

Hello @zenyaz! I’ve shared your post with the dev team for further assistance.

hello @zenyaz, I can confirm that the naming is based on the prim name in the USD. I will put in a request to allow an alternate uasset name. Thank you!

Thanks. Also, it would be nice to add “Name” pin to exposed function.


Good suggestion @zenyaz. I will forward this to the developers.

@zenyaz - this change is now live in the 201.0 release, please try it out.