[WRONG THREAD PLEASE LOCK] NativeActivity VS2012 crash on fresh project


I’m currently setting up Visual Studio with NSight to start doing work on my nVidia K1 Shield tablet. I’m trying to do a non java code project using only what comes with NativeActivity.

There is a project template for this that comes with NSight with example code already setup. An attempt to run this unaltered code causes the application to crash on the tablet immediately after the debuggers attach. Similarly trying to launch the deployed app causes it to crash.

I am new to Nsight and I’m doing this work to bring my Android Studio project over to Visual Studio.

Has anyone created a new project with this template and been able to figure out what is causing this app to crash on launch? Or maybe can point me to where in visual studio I should be looking for the type of settings I’m use to finding on Gradle?

Hi Cruxics,

I think you need to post on another topic: Nsight Tegra, Visual Studio Edition, this is ‘Nsight, VIsual Studio Edition’ and don’t compile Android project in Visual Studio, ;)