Wrong Version of SDK?

I’m running Windows 7. I went to pgroup.com/support/Microsoft-sdk and downloaded the latest SDK for Windows 8.1 which I believe the Installation Guide says to do. Yet, when I try to install PGI Workstation (pgiws64-143), I get a message that it detects the wrong version of SDK on my system and I might have problems if I don’t get the latest version.

Is there a different version of SDK I should have, such as Ver. 7.1 for Windows 7, instead of the one for Windows 8.1?

Hi David,

Microsoft updated the Win 8.1 SDK on April 2. The 14.3 and earlier install packages do not detect this version of the SDK; the upcoming 14.4 release will fix that.

In the meantime, it should be OK to go ahead and continue installing PGI WS after installing the latest version of the Win 8.1 SDK.

  • Mat