X unable to recover monitor from standby with 4070 Super @ 550.54.14

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (379.8 KB)


On my Debian Sid 6.7.9-amd64 system, I am not able to recover the monitor after it turns off. It’s running a 4070 Super with a single monitor connected through DP.
I have specified the DPMS options in the xorg.conf file, set only StandbyTime to 5 minutes and xset q confirms that it is active.

Once the interval is hit, the monitor goes blank, turns off and is in standby. I am sorry to be very vague from here on out but I can’t describe it any better:
Shortly (seconds) after the interval hits and the monitor is off, I am able to recover it i.e. by moving the mouse. However, ‘after some time’ I am not able to recover the monitor and it won’t turn on whatsoever. Only a hard reset reboots the system entirely. Typical keybinds like ctrl+alt+f1 are not being recognized. I have plugged in a separate keyboard directly into the mainboard, but it does not bring the monitor back.
The keyboard and mouse which are connected to the PC through the monitor are still powered though.

The attached nvidia-bug-report.log has been obtained following the instructions and through a remote SSH session while the PC was in the unrecoverable state.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Please try disabling “deep sleep” in the monitor’s osd menu.

Hi generix,

This was indeed the solution that fixed my problem. Thank you for your help.