X does not start with the resolution specified in xorg.conf

Sorry for the lame subject, it’s hard to describe the problem briefly. I also don’t know if this is the right forum…

I’m running Gentoo with xorg-server 1.14.3-r2, gnome-shell 3.8.4-r1, and nvidia-drivers 331.20. My monitor is 1440x900. When X starts, it’s always running in some weird resolution like 1366x768. I can then run the nvidia-settings tool and set the resolution to 1440x900, which I can apply from inside the tool, and it stays that way until I restart X. I then make it generate an xorg.conf file for me, I place it in /etc/X11, and restart X. But every time, it comes back up in the wrong resolution.

It seems like there’s some default resolution that it uses instead of the one specified in xorg.conf. I recently upgraded from gnome2 to gnome3, and at the same time, it pulled in an updated nvidia-drivers ebuild. I’m not sure where the problem is, but it seems unlikely that it’d be gnome. Anyone have a similar problem, or at least know how to figure out what’s causing the problem?


I think its gnome issue, Change the resolution from gnome display properties/ any os specific display configuration tool.