X graphical fails, multiuser with startx works

I just downloaded NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-470.63.01.run

I read the instructions, FAQ, and common issues.

After installing the new driver I rebooted to a blank screen.

Following the troubleshooting recommendations I then planned to use the nvidia-bug-report.sh but then, following the instructions, I was surprised that multiuser.target - startx – -logverbose 6 successfully launched the graphical environment.

I immediately rebooted in graphical.target and the graphical environment failed, again. Again, following the instructions I remotely accessed during this failure (without the startx – -logverbose 6) and ran nvidia-bug-report.

Any pointers would be sincerely appreciated.

Edit: I selected upload to upload the log but I didn’t see any confirmation and I do not see anything in the UI indicating my log uploaded.

I installed the new drivers n preparation for upgrading.

I went ahead and completed the upgrade to Fedora 32 which has resolved the problem.