X server fails on Nano

We use the jetson nano module with 16 GB eMMC. Usually when flashing Jetpack on nano, only a couple of hundreds Mb are left. Our program that is running on it is more then 1 GB so we made a image with a custom root filesystem that is a Ubuntu 18.04 Server (Headless) link to ubuntu 18.04. Flashing the custom image and installing all dependencies for our app takes cca 12 GB. With this custom rfs there is enough space for the app and it works as expected. After a while the specification for the app changed and now there is another app that must be run on nano that uses a window (playing a video file or stream from camera). So we installed xorg, but when trying to start up X the startup fails with a error that says that nvidia couldn’t be initialized Xorg.0.log (7.5 KB)

Additional info:
When jetpack in installed using the official steps, i can easily use gstreamer, mplayer, vlc and thing like that like a charm. I found also that nano supports Weston 6.0. When starting weston and using gstreamer to play a video it works. But using mplayer it doesn’t

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How did you install xorg? Maybe you are missing some packages?

You may try LXDE that is enabled on Jetson Nano 2GB. Please refer to