X server refuses to start with no error

My issue is the same one that I discussed in a topic I created a couple of months ago, although I wrongly thought a message was an error causing my problem.


Processor (1): AMD Phenom II X4 965
Processor (2): AMD FX-9590*
Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0
GPU (1): GeForce GTX 460
GPU (2): GeForce GTX 570**

*I upgraded my CPU a few weeks back and the problem is still here
**I also upgraded my GPU, and again, the problem persisted after the upgrade

I am using Fedora 20, fully updated, using the kmod-nvidia package from RPM Fusion. I’ve also tried a manual install. I start my computer in multi-user mode, log in, run startx, and after 2-5 seconds of a completely blank screen, the output from startx just says the X server has quit. I am unable to find an error anywhere.

The most confusing part of this problem is that Debian works fine with the latest Nvidia driver, and so did Fedora 20 until a particular update about 2 months ago when I first made the previous topic. It’s unfortunate that I hate Debian :( I much prefer to use Fedora.

Nouveau works, but it doesn’t recognise my monitor as being HD, i.e. it runs in 4:3 mode (1280x1024 I think). I need the Nvidia driver as I plan to play games and work on graphics/GPGPU projects on it.

Also, this is after a clean install of Fedora. All I did after installing was a yum update and then followed these instructions.

If you need any other log files, please ask. Any help would be appreciated!
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (104 KB)

According to your log, the X server is starting up just fine and then shutting down normally a fraction of a second later. That probably means that your session is failing to start. Please check ~/.xsession-errors for clues to that.

Thank you for your reply. It appears the problem is being caused by mate-volume-control-applet. No idea why. Anyway, sorry that it’s actually unrelated to my graphics card. Thanks for the help!