X servers freezes at GDM prompt (prior to login)

ws2_messages.zip (4.0 MB)
Recently having reports from end users that the X server “froze” at the GDM login screen. Keyboard and mouse non-responsive. Looking at the logs, it looks like the “GPU is falling off the bus”. Not sure what that means. Some reports online mentioned something about power supply but the power supply spec wise should be fine and this is prior to any load on the system. I wonder about the power input not being pristine, but would think the PS would flatten it out.

Attached is the /var/log/messages file as well as the nvdia-bug-report log. I don’t really know what else would be useful.

Note, we have tried upgrading to the latest driver version 460.67 but this is a fielded system and not able to retroactively update field units easily and not able to readily replicate. Seems to just happen on one or two of our systems with identical HW and SW.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (1.1 MB)

Thanks so much for any insight or direction.