X window Orin NX: GLX: Another vendor is already registered for screen 0

xorg_log_orin_nx.log (312.8 KB)
Xorg_log_xavier_nx.log (46.1 KB)

We are developing a system based on Qt5.15 (X window backend) which renders 12 cameras
We have tested this system both on Xavier NX and on Orin NX dev kits
We have noticed that for the same software the Xavier NX has a cpu consumption distributed over all the cores whereas the Orin NX constantly has 1 core @100%
Furthermore the CPU consumption of the Orin NX is higher than the consumption of the Xavier NX which is not logical since the Orin NX has a higher CPU clock rate.

My assumption is that the Orin NX does not use hardware accelerated rendering.
The jetpack versions used on the Xavier NX and Orin NX are respectively JP 4.6 L4T 32.6.1 and JP 5.1.3 L4T 35.5.0

For both devices in order to start our own X session we have done the following commands:

sudo systemctl set-default multi-user
sudo systemctl mask gdm3
sudo systemctl mask gdm
sudo systemctl mask lightdm
sudo reboot
X -wr & 

In the Xorg logs from the Orin NX we see the following line:

  • GLX: Another vendor is already registered for screen 0

For the Xavier NX we do not get this log.
We have also tested this X window on JP5.1.1 on an orin AGX and get the same log

  • GLX: Another vendor is already registered for screen 0

For both devices the exact same hardware setup is used (screen, switches, cameras, …)

How can we start the Xsession without having another vender already registered to our screen?

Could you try Orin NX with 6.0GA? The release is just published and it would be great if you can upgrade and try.

Hello DaneLLL,

I have upgraded my orin NX devkit to jetpack 6.0.
When I look at the Xorg.0.log I still get the following:
GLX: Another vendor is already registered for screen 0

I am still building all necessary dependencies in order to do a cpu test but given the fact that the Xorg log already gives this error makes me thinks that it will also use cpu rendering instead of hardware rendering.

Are there any known patches for this?
Is there an error in the Xorg config? (See attatchment)
Does another X extension get priority above GLX?

Thanks in advance.
Xorg.0.log (20.8 KB)
xorg (1).conf (692 Bytes)

Is the setup dependent to framebuffer console? We don’t support framebuffer console on Jetpack 5/6 releases. This may be why the error occurs.