X Window System refuses to start after CUDA was installed

Hi ,

i just managed to install the CUDA driver on my openSUSE 32-bit 10.3 OS. But after having finished the installation i couldn’t return to the KDE-Desktop.
During the installation i was asked, if CUDA could change some X-config files, which i don’t remember. I remember, that it saved them - but where and how can i restore the old configuration ?
The installer had to recompile som Kernel modules too, if thats important.

If someone needs more information just ask please !

EDIT: I forgot to mention, that it stops booting at runlevel 5, when it tries to start a service called smbf - which has, i believe, something to do with the samba services …

any ideas will be appreciated,


– double post, sorry –

The old configs are probably in /etc/X11 (at least on Ubuntu they are)

You could try disabling smbf, how that’s done on Opensuse I don’t know :/

I do know that I had complicated non-samba-related X11 failures on Ubuntu when the Ubuntu drivers / openGL stuff was interfering. Try removing (deep-cleaning / purging) any installing nvidia packages on your machine that have come from the OpenSUSE repositories.


thanks for your answer.

The openSUSE graphics Driver had been installed before i installed the CUDA Driver - could that be the reason ?

Well, i don’t have a clue how to remove these things, i’ll have to read…