X11 crash: 331.49 GTX 770 + Debian 7.4, any KDE app window

Open any KDE app which creates a normal KDE window, and X11 crashes For whatever reason, KDE apps which sit in the system tray (kwalletmanager) don’t do this until you open a window. Watching konsole come up, I see the menus show up briefly, and the console area fills with black (never text), but I never see the scroll bars.

Sometimes, X11 will crash nicely and return me to a VT, but sometimes it will leave a blank screen.

The OS is Debian Wheezy (stable).

… ah, here we go. Debuglog attached.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (188 KB)

One total reinstall later, and the problem is gone. Weird.

… nope, didn’t figure it out.