X265enc and x264enc gstreamer plugins missing or blacklisted in deepstream 6.3 docker image

Pulling the deepstream:6.3-gc-triton-devel tag docker image from nvcr.io/nvidia/deepstream:6.3-gc-triton-devel, and entering that image interactively to check:

gst-inspect-1.0 x265enc returns No such element or plugin 'x265enc'

same with x264enc.

Same issue with nvcr.io/nvidia/deepstream:6.2-devel, but we were using x264enc and x265enc elements without a problem inside nvcr.io/nvidia/deepstream:6.1.1-devel

Were x264 and x265 encoders intentionally removed or blacklisted in the latest deepstream container?

Did you execute script “/opt/nvidia/deepstream/deepstream/user_additional_install.sh”?
Please refer to the explanation in the note Docker Containers — DeepStream 6.3 Release documentation (nvidia.com).

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As mentioned by yingliu, you can try run user_additional_install.sh in opt/nvidia/deepstream/deepstream/

x265enc/x264enc is part of gstreamer, you can install it by this script provided by DS.

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Thanks both! I didn’t see that documentation - after running that script I can see the plugins are properly installed

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