x64 Linux with one GTX 280 and Three C1060s Would Ubuntu work?

Hi, I have a 64 bit system with one GTX 280 and Three C1060s.

As of now, I have a dual boot on this machine with Win XP64 and Red Hat Enterprise 5.2 (it was installed by the company I bought the machine from). I don’t like this version of linux because I need to buy license. I had asked them to put Ubuntu 8.04, but I was told that CUDA driver did not work.

Has anyone tried Ubuntu on a similar machine? What could be the issues and someone has successfully resolved them, I could try installing it myself.


CUDA 2.1 final works on Ubuntu 8.04; you should be able to install that with no problems.

Beware: Debian (of which Ubuntu is a derivative) doesn’t support biarch x86 hardware platforms – so you can’t use 32-bit binaries if you go 64-bit!

I am about to build a system like that.

Could you please share some details about your system:

  • which motherboard
    -which CPU(s)
  • how much memory and what kind?
  • how powerful a power supply?

Thank you!