x64 Win7 user New to Cuda 4.0 Can't configure to build with MSVC 2008 Express

GeForce 9600 gso with 275.33 drivers
MSVC 2008(9) Express, registry changed to build x64 targets…
Cuda Toolkit 4.0 x64 (Hopefully correctly at default install settings)
CUDA Tools SDK x64
GPU Computing SDK x64
Parallel Nsight 2.0

I tried to build a project (Blender cycles render engine) with Cuda enabled and it goes through the process of building the kernals 1.0 through 2.0, yet they are not built.

I ran the bandwidth test and it showed my 9600gso card and passed the test.
I try to compile the bandwidth test project sln and fail…
Is there steps I am missing, links not setup?, something not setup right? or does Cuda not build with msvc 2008 express?

Thanks in advance for any and all knowledge, I am very grateful :)