x86 GPU Drivers

Are x86 drivers for the GK20A GPU used by the Tegra K1 available anywhere?

I’m running a i386 chroot on my Tegra K1 device, but unfortunately without x86 GPU drivers we can’t have direct OpenGL rendering in i386 programs, as the desktop GPU drivers expect to have DRI and an extra kernel module in order to work (which doesn’t detect the Tegra GPU, as it only seems to work for PCI devices). By installing the userspace part of the normal desktop GPU drivers inside the chroot I was able to get up to OpenGL 2.1 with indirect rendering (GLX), but that’s still far from what the GPU is actually capable of.


Tegra’s GPU is not exactly the same as on the desktop side so there are no proprietary x86 drivers for any of the Tegra’s subcomponents, afaik.