X86CPU connect to xavier with pcie,can i execute cuda on x86?

  1. I have two socs on my chip,one is x86 ,another is xavier . They connected by pcie.

  2. Now i want to use gpu resources on x86. What should do ???

    Can i use cuda on x86 ???

    If not,what can i do ?

No response???

I don’t really understand the question.

You may wish to ask it on one of the xavier forums:


I mean ,i have a pcb board with two parts. One parts is x86cpu, one part is xavier module.

The two parts connected with pcie.

Now,i want to use xavier as gpu. I want to execut cuda applications on x86 cpu,can i ???

An x86 CPU cannot execute CUDA code.

then question is coming …

why cuda has x86 version ???

I don’t understand what you are asking. The question is unclear, and you haven’t described your platform in sufficient detail.

Generally speaking a CUDA-accelerated application comprises device code (code that uses the instruction set of the GPU and is executed on the GPU) and host code that is executed on the CPU. The CPU in the Tegra Xavier consists of multiple 64-bit ARM cores. So the host code uses ARM64 instructions. There is no x86 CPU.

As Robert Crovella already pointed out, questions about Xavier are best asked in the sub-forum dedicated to it.