X8DTG-DF Supermicro motherboard and M2090

X8DTG-DF Supermicro motherboard and M2090:

I have a supermicro motherboard X8DTG-DF, each time I try to install M2090 it fails to pass bandwidthtest.

it passes devicequery.

PSU is 1400W I think its enough to run the whole house.

this is what actually happens each time:

  1. you install the card on the board.
  2. connect both 6 and 8 pin power connectors.
  3. you see it device manager.
  4. install it .
  5. right before installation ends system hangs.
  6. hard reset can make you see the device as fully installed.
  7. you run devicequery it passes that.
  8. you run bandwidth or any other test it hangs on that forever.
  9. it also shows on NVidia-smi .

Bios version is 1.0b , anyone ever tried this combination.

the motherboard supports this GPU its given in their compatibility list.

Could anyone please help I have been scratching my head over this for the last whole month.

The M2090 is a passively cooled GPU intended to be integrated into server enclosures by a server vendor. Have you contacted the server vendor? In case you have built a home-brew system from spare parts, how are you cooling the M2090? What operating system is running, what CUDA version are you using?


Thank you for replying back. Yup :) its a server chassis SS6016GT that supports M2090 out of box. The cooling is provided out of box too with two server fans right behind it.

I am running windows 2008 R2 64Bit , Cuda 7.0 and Latest Tesla drivers I think 340.1 version or something.

M2090 is oem version with heat sink designed for horizontal flow.

all things are matching but something is not right, I have shipped the M2090 back and waiting for the replacement which will be coming this week.

Have you ever encountered issue like that?

Based on the information supplied I am unable to come up with a plausible working hypothesis as to what could be going on.

downgraded to windows 7 64 everything works