XAIVER AGX initializing stuck at startup

We used a brand new carrier board, but now there are two problems:

  1. On the AGX development version, there is no problem with flash.sh flashing firmware, but when the new carrier board is operated, there are problems such as the problem in 1.txt1.txt (52.4 KB)
    2.txt (7.0 KB)

  2. We use the development board to successfully flash the firmware, but the problem in 2.txt will occur when the core board is replaced with a new carrier board,and it will be stuck in this position every time it is started.

What does that mean “new carrier board”? Is that still a devkit board or your own custom carrier board?

our own custom carrier board. but
designed based on AGX development board

please refer to design guide and review your hardware. This is unlikely a software issue.

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