'Xavider' Flashing Multiple Tegra Devices

Whether ‘Xavier’ installation system can achieve simultaneous installation of multiple systems and whether there is a method for bulk installation of the system.
'Xavier 'flash system, can achieve flash multiple systems at the same time, whether there is a batch flash system method.

How many devices would you like to flash?

Two or more

Could you download the 28.2 l4t document to check it the “Flashing Multiple Tegra Devices” work on Xavier.

This 28.2 l4t document does not include the relevant specification of ‘Xavier’ ‘Tlashing Multiple Tegra Devices’.
This 28.2 l4t document only contains the relevant specification of ‘Tlashing Multiple Tegra Devices’ of ‘TX1/TX2/TX2I’
This ‘Xavier’ is unique to l4t documents 32.1 and above.

This feature will be supported by next release.

We have discovered that we can flash multiple Jetson Nanos simultaneously using the nvmassflashgen.sh inside the Linux_for_Tegra directory of the newer JetPacks. With help of the included README_Massflash.txt we have managed to successfully flash multiple Jetson Nano’s. Now we wanted to do the same with the Xavier as it is also mentioned in the readme, so we followed the instructions and created the mfi_jetson-xavier.tbz2 tarball inside JetPack_4.3_Linux_P2888 (JetPack_4.3_Linux_P3448-0020 was used for the Nano).

After extracting the tarball on our 3 test systems we made sure the Xavier was in recovery mode and started the nvmflash.sh. After only 10 seconds the script finishes with „Flashing success (with errors)“ so we took a look in the logfile (attached below). For comparison we have also attached a logfile of one of the successful Nano flashes so there is no general problem with our setup. The 3 systems consist of a workstation running Ubuntu 16.04 which we are also using as a host system for the SDKManager (which created the massflash tarball), an older Ubuntu 14.04, as well as a third Ubuntu system with 18.04. The problem consists on all 3 systems with not only our carrier boards but also with the Xavier devkit.nvmflash_nano.log (nvmflash_nano.log (7.0 KB) nvmflash_xavier.log (2.5 KB) 7.0 KB) nvmflash_xavier.log (2.5 KB)


For jetpack4.3, please use this script.nvmassflashgen.tar.gz (6.9 KB)