Xavier A and Xavier B starts up randomly?

A strange thing is when I shutdown AGX and power on the machine to restart, sometimes Xavier A normally start up,sometimes Xavier B, sometimes both,and sometime both not, each situation I have met.

Dear laizheyuan,
Do you see any errors while booting Tegras when connected to Tegra A/B via minicom.

Dear laizheyuan,

Could you please check the following information?

  1. Has it been a problem since you first used it?
  2. What is the environment in which you use the board?
  3. The unit is in a car or lab?
  4. Have you updated the board’s SW to Drive Software 9.0?
  5. Could you please cold reboot the unit not warm boot up?

Hi laizheyuan,

Please help to share the current status then we can help to provide suggestions.