Xavier A cannot boot up


Box opened NEW DRIVE AGX Xavier Developer Kit, and installed DRIVE Software 9.0 via sdkmanager.
Installation was done successfully without any trouble. Flash A+B as well.
However, Xavier A does not be activated.

  • ssh/ping from Xavier B does not answer
  • Caps Lock/Num Lock of KBD does not answer.

I would try to install fully again.

Any Idea about this? and what to check?


Dear ddpx2,

Could you please let me know Aurix FW version?
If SW version is no DRIVE-V5.1.0-XXX, please update Aurix FW version and re-try it?

And could you please upload the full logs available at below locations for your topic?

Hi SteveNV,

Re-installation from Host PC configuration could fix this.