Xavier AGX B03 U503 TPS53015 output is only 0.33V

We have a new board follow Xavier AGX B03 schematic, we short the CARRIER_PWR_ON with 3V3_AO for test ,but the U503 TPS53015 output is only 0.33V, we change one new TPS53015 but it is still 0.33V, do you know this issue

Pin9 DRVH and Pin8 SW is always about 350 mV

Pin3 VREG5 is 4.92 V

Carrier_pwr_on should be controlled by module, why do you short it to 3V3_AO?

We can’t turn on the board , so I need to check power value

Did you measure the power on sequence? There is such sequence in design guide for your reference. You can measure the signals in the figure to make sure they are correct or not.

please close this issue , the issue is VCC_SRC and VDD_5V timing issue