Xavier AGX doesn't boot anymore

The fix seems in a newer Aurix firmware included in DRIVE OS 5.2.0 and 5.2.6. But you have to stay on DRIVE Software 10.
Please keep observing the issue. hope it won’t happen again on the system.

Hmm, I have another 6 boards used for over a year and I haven’t seen this problem before. I guess this is the first board I reverted from to, so maybe that plays a part?

I checked on another board, the Aurix version is different

DDPX Aurix Serial Console                                                       
with TLF35584 B/C-Step                                                          
UPDATE SW Version  1.29.10                                                      
TC397 Step A

The version on this board I flashed based on instructions from here, maybe I should reflash to match the same as the other board (ie v1.29.10)? Note, I’m not use Hyperion, so maybe Aurix version With3LSS-ForHyperion is wrong?

Please have a try and let us know. Thanks.


Still haven’t tried reflashing Aurix, but I did find a repeat of boot failure on a different board. The board is also running Drive 10.0 but the failure only seems to happen if I connect a HDMI capture device to the XA-1 port. Is it possible something on HDMI side (maybe voltage?) could be causing some power on issue on xavier side?

Please help to check if it’s related to the below erratum in DRIVE AGX Developer Kit Hardware Errata.

For the errata #7 and #8 issues, do you have any logs of the console output when boot error occurs? I’m curious if it has similar error message to the original log I posted in this thread.

I cannot find any logs of the erratum. Maybe It was investigated as a hardware issue.
Please help to try if the sequencing mentioned in the erratum helps with your issue.