Xavier AGX IP address connection issue

Encountering issues after Flash completion of the Xavier AGX. The issue is that during installation there is a hang-up in determining the IP address of the target (mssg is “Determining IP address of the target…”) and then reveals no connection to port 22 of the IP.
Please assist in how to overcome this connection hang-up after Flash completion.

*NOTE: - The current configuration is: PC Host is connected to router via ethernet, Xavier is connected to router via ethernet, Xavier is connected to PC via USB, Xavier is set to recovery mode (recovery button held when power button is pressed and then power button is released). - Within the terminal, “ifconfig” does reveal connection “enp4s0 Link encap:Ethernet.” During this time, there is also no display via HDMI on my monitor coming from the Xavier module.

Hardware Platform: AGX Xavier™ Developer Kit
Software Version: JetPack 4.1
Host Machine Version: Ubuntu 16.04 (not using VM)

After a flash there is no account name/pass. Ssh requires this to succeed. Even if networking is 100% functional login will fail prior to account setup. Did you flash and then complete the first time boot setup?

If you have a keyboard/monitor attached, then this is the easiest way. Alternatively, you could use serial console.

*Update: So after the flash completed, there was A Hangup on finding the up connection for a while and then, the Host‘s terminal displayed that it could not find the IP of the target providing the option to “retry” or “manually” enter the IP. I did in fact enter username: nvidia and password: nvidia manually on the popped up NVIDIA prompt…

Are you saying that at this point the username and password should be left blank?

Also, the peripherals (keyboard, monitor and Ethernet and given Nvidia usb cable) were connected throughout the process.

On first boot did you create that account, “nvidia”? You need to use a name and password, but this will fail unless the name and password exist. In the past there was a default name and pass, but this is no longer the case (in part this is a new legal restriction now preventing default name/passwords).

After a flash the Jetson will reboot automatically. On that first boot it should ask for you to create login credentials, and set timezone. If this fails, then there is no point in using any name or password since the account won’t exist. This in turn means the IP address won’t help since nobody is there to answer the network login.

Sometimes the first boot account creation fails. Look closely after the flash. If not, force a reboot once, and look during the second boot. If still no account is created, the there is a bug needing fix.

Very informative. Thx. So, right after the flash is completed I still continue to not see any boot up of the Xavier module via display (and yes I also ruled out it had nothing to do with my monitor nor hdmi cable via trying the monitor and cable on another device of mine). I never get asked to create login credentials, and set timezone.
Is it possible that this is a hardware problem and the module is In fact defective?

There have been a number of people who had trouble getting the first boot screen to show up. I doubt it is a hardware problem. Many of the “less standard” video modes are not supported, and so it could be as simple as not detecting a compatible mode for the HDMI monitor (VGA adapters would always be invalid).

I am going to recommend you download this script, and apply it from the “Linux_for_Tegra/” subdirectory of the flash software prior to flashing again:

The thread explaining this script is here:

What this will do is allow you to fill in the name/pass information prior to the flash. If there are issues with this in place, then there might be a hardware issue.

Hey Thanks, @linuxdev you’ve been utmost helpful and I greatly appreciate this info. I will have to try this later. Thank you for all your help.