Xavier AGX kernel panic after mmap


We have devices based on AGX Xavier (Jetpack 4.3, L4T 32.3.1)
We found a way to crash the system by means of mmap.
Memory is mapped successfully, but system is crashed after memory access.
Here is mmap_crash.c (644 Bytes) to reproduce the issue. Here is log mmap_crash.log (28.9 KB)

Thanks for reporting this issue, our team is doing the investigation.
The status will be updated once clarified.


It’s already reply in others topic.

Have you managed to reproduce this issue?
mmap returns no errors, but system is crashed after memory access.
Do you have any solutions?

Just try the mmap_crash on J4.4(r32.4.3) on Xavier without problem.
Could you check J4.4 to confirm it.