Xavier AGX no HDMI Display after Flash/Boot


I am going through the initial setup of Jetson Xavier AGX and hit a wall. Can you help me debug the issue?

  • Installed sdkmanager from Nvidia website on fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04
  • Connected Monitor/keyboard/mouse to Xavier
  • Connected ethernet Xavier to router (no switch available)
  • Connected USB/serial from Xavier to Linux host PC
  • Connected power to Xavier and powered in recovery mode
  • Started sdkmanager and follow GUI steps
  • Packages are downloaded and installed on host
  • sdkmanager successfully flashes Xavier (according to GUI)
  • I see no display output from Xavier after Flash
  • sdkmanager attempts to connect to Xavier over the network (to install packages) but connection fails since I am unable to log in and configure the Xavier after Flash completed
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You can try to dump the log from serial console.


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