Xavier AGX Screen Mirror with Different resolutions

In our product we have a requirement to support two displays with different resolution (1x 4K 60FPS and 1x FHD 60FPS), And we want the same screen/GUI to be displayed on both the monitors. Is this possible with Jetson AGX?, I have tried using the Extended mode which has different screens on both the monitor with different resolution, but my requirement is I want the same screen to be mirrored at two different resolution .

Thanks in Advance!

What do you mean “same screen”? Just the ubuntu desktop? or even the rendering on it needs to be mirrored and sync?

Hello @WayneWWW ,
We are using Gstreamer application to stream video from a MIPI image sensor, We would like to mirror/duplicate the Screen/window in both the monitors connected to Jetson Xavier AGX, The resolution of the monitors are different from each other.

There is no solution for this.