Xavier AGX USB resetting

We have the AGX Xavier connected to two USB-C cameras. In our kernel logs we are often seeing the tegra-xusb reset the devices and we then loose our feed to the cameras. What can cause the usb module to attempt a reset?

Jan 20 11:48:26 MHBIVR11R kernel: [598849.290515] usb 2-3: reset SuperSpeed USB device number 2 using tegra-xusb

The cameras are powered by an external pin rather than USB, but we don’t understand what can cause these resets.

Probably the most common cause is power consumption. Can you try using an externally powered HUB? If the camera is still self-powered, then I don’t know.

Ive run into a lot of issues with USB power management on the jetsons, especially if hubs are involved. Disabling it by adding usbcore.autosuspend=-1 to the kernel command line usually fixes it.

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