Xavier AGX


when I try to link <cuda.h> I get the error no such file or directory…can you please advise how to link the library while compiling…I have cuda in my system…and also could you advise how to link <cudaEGL.h>

A cmake file or a few commands would be good.



I found out how to go about it but now I have issues in using pthread while compiling using nvcc…getting the below error.

nvcc fatal : Unknown option ‘-pthread’

Can you kindly advise…I am not using cmake.


Hi Roopkumar.r

Could you try to compile your code without the ‘-pthread’ option with nvcc ? nvcc doesnt understand the pthread option.
If you want to explicitly invoke the host compiler to use pthread , please try -Xcompiler="-pthread"

Please look at this forum post : nvcc compiler, pthreads, Linux

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