Xavier AGXi High Altitude operational at 60000ft

I am currently testing a module we created that incorporates a Xavier AGXi as a core component. We are due to do Altitude testing (Operational) up to 60000ft. The Datasheet for the Xavier AGXi notes that testing was done 16000 operational and 40000 non-operational. I was wondering if anyone had any information on operating the Xavier AGXi at higher altitudes? Our Xavier AGXi is mounted in an aluminum chassis with 0.350" thick walls all around and we are using two gore vents for pressure equalization.

No other spec than below for AGXi.

Right. I know the Datasheet spec I was just wondering if anyone had done testing above 16K operational. As I am typing this I am testing my module with an embedded Xavier AGXi in an altitude chamber. At this point I am at 44K operational with no issues. Heading up to 60K.

I’m at 60k ft right now and will be holding. So far no issues with functionality.