Xavier BIOS settings for autostart

Hi all,

Is it possible to edit the BIOS settings for the Jetson Xavier development kit so it will autostart after a power failure (i.e. without having to physically press the power on button?)


Someone else will need to answer the auto start, which is a common topic, but there is no BIOS on any embedded system…this is something from the desktop PC world.

Normally a BIOS would set up clocks and rails on a motherboard and provide a uniform interface from which to start the boot loader. All of this is missing, and thus the boot software is more extensive for an embedded system. Adjustments typically require changes to device tree or boot software. I’d mention the URL if I remembered, but I’m sure someone will list the ways to set auto start when they see this (there is a related jumper).

Did you solve this problem? I also want my Xavier to autostart. Should I change the Developer Kit Circuit and make the Power Button to be short?

Shorting the power button doesn’t work, but there’s a specific jumper you can short to turn on auto-start.
It’s on the same eight-pin header as the start button; I forget whether it’s 5-6 or 7-8, though.

any update on auto-starting the Xavier AGX devkit?

As per the Notes on page 31 of the document: https://static5.arrow.com/pdfs/2018/12/12/12/23/1/848262/nvda_/manual/jetson_xavier_developer_kit_carrier_board_specification.pdf

pin 5 & 6 can be shorted for Auto-Power-On.

Thank you for pointing out!