xavier Boot and flash failed

3 我成功的给xavier刷机,然后在在host上给xavier安装sdk,sdkmangger界面弹出我没有用usb线缆连接xavier,但是我lsusb是可以找到设备的


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I bought a new xavier, according to the NVIDIA official website tutorial
1Download the latest sdk, install and run
2 When downloading the resource, the error is reported, so I put the error of the terminal, the link is downloaded in the browser, all the resources are downloaded, and the sdk interface is displayed successfully.
3 I successfully gave xavier a brush, then installed sdk on xavier on the host, sdkmangger interface popped up I did not connect xavier with usb cable, but my lsusb can find the device

There is still a problem, my xavier can not broadband dial-up Internet access, plug in the Internet cable does not display dsl connection


So you’ve already flashed device successfully, right?
Can the Xavier boot up after flashing?
Can you please zip the ~/.nvsdkm directory and upload it here for more investigation?