Xavier brightness control


Newbie question. Bought Xavier and flashed it with JetPack 4.2. My HDMI monitor won’t show anything but if I use a HDMI to VGA converter it seems to work fine. Ubuntu doesn’t seem to have brightness control slider and the screen brightness is at an unusable 100%. How do I reduce the brightness?



Could you try to use “xrandr --output HDMI-0 --brightness 5”

But what I concern is why your HDMI show nothing. Could you share the kernel log?


Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, xrandr doesn’t seem to work. Here is the kernel log.

kernel_log.txt (210 KB)

Let me check this on my side. Thanks for report.

Any luck on why it doesn’t work? Thanks.

I suspect there is something wrong in the Xorg driver. Still checking with our developers.

Ok. Thanks. I was wondering if I should re-flash. I guess I will wait till I hear back.