Xavier Carrier Board (P2822_B02)

Hi Nvidia Team,

We are currently updating the Jetson_AGX_Devkit_Pinmux_Configuration_Template.xlsm spreadsheet.
Pin L63 does not show up anywhere in this document.

We are unable to find any documentation on what Pin L63 does on the Jetson Xavior Board Module. We searched all of the Jetson_Xavier support documents. The P2822_B02_Concept_schematics.pdf list this pin as CVM_PRSNT1 which is shown as an output pin going to the button to turn on the Xavier.

What does this pin do? Is this pin required to power-on / power up the Xavier Module?
We did not include this pin in the new board that was designed and is currently floating.
Will we have a problem powering this board up?

Please advise.


Hi, PRSNT1 is connected to PRSNT0 in module. If the module is not installed, there will be no change in the signal (D_ONKEY_N) to the power-button supervisor since D_ONKEY_N is pulled up to 3.3V already. If the module is installed, since the module ties these two signals together, the side of the power button will be GND’d and when pressed, will transition D_ONKEY_N from high to low. This is to prevent the possibility of powering up the carrier board module connector and preventing a hot-plug possibility.