Xavier delayed shipping and ROS questions.

Hi, i’m just wondering is there currently a problem with the Xaviers being shipped, the order on them has been delayed for 2 weeks.

Aside from that, is anyone up and running with ROS? I know Danpollock has something running, has anyone else started to use Melodia, and has anyone tried the Zed camera on the Xavier yet?!

We needed to reflash the factory units with the latest JetPack 4.1 EA release, sorry for the delay. We should be shipping again soon, within the next week or so.

Regarding the cameras, see this thread: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1039525/jetson-agx-xavier/compatible-cameras/

Stereolabs is currently working on their build of ZED SDK for Xavier. For now you can aquire the video stream through V4L2.

Oh ok, do you know somehow there might be a way to receive an ordered unit faster before 2 weeks? Thedelay is till the 18th + second day shipping but it won’t seem to make it before our demo date.

Also yea so supposedly the Zed will run better on the Xavier rather than the Tx2 and it has a new feature called ultra depth I think.

Heres another question, how many say 4k cameras could I have running on the Jetson Xavier with a say car or human classifier detecting the frames. Will it work fine or completely crash like the Tx2?

Unfortunately there isn’t another way other than through the distributor you currently have your order placed with. Most regions should be shipping again by end of next week, with everyone else shipping around then or the week after depending on transit time and logistics.

It supports up to 6 simultaneous CSI camera streams (with support for 36 virtual channels coming in a future sw release).

ZED camera sdk won’t work with Xavier yet. Its made for cuda 9 and Xavier has cuda 10. Stereolabs is working on it hopefully the sdk for Xavier will be out soon. If you just want a video feed v4l and gstreamer work great.

Are there any specifically good USB PCIE boards that can be plugged into the Jetson, I realize now that I need to plugin a wifi card and bluetooth chip…

The devkit has an M.2 Key-E site for a WLAN/BT module (it uses PCIe). See the Supported Components List for recommended wireless module.

Are all orders now pushed back to 11/19/2018 or just new ones?
Edit spent an hour and half on the phone with Nvidia support, I might have a stroke :/

New ones, although we have shipments enroute to the warehouses to try pull that date in too.

Dusty, you just made my day :D
Thank you, nobody else knows the answer to that, I’ve talked to 5 different people today at Nvidia and nobody knew …
Maybe there is hope it will make it in time!