Xavier does not want to start

My device is AGX Xavier. When I turn on the device. The screen show:

cp: not wrinting through dangling symlink 'etc/resolv.conf'
[     6.704142]cgroup:cgroup2:unknown option "nsdelegate"
[     7.972098]using random self enthernet address
[     7.972297]using random host enthernet address
[     8.038060]random:crng init done

Is there a way to resolve the problem without lose all files?


Are you using nvidia devkit?

If so, could you connect the micro usb to the micro usb port on devkit and ubuntu host machine, and run “sudo picocom -b 115200 /dev/ttyUSB3” on your host to enable the serial console?

After you enable serial console, could you share us the /var/log/Xorg.0.log?

Also, I would like to know does this issue happen in every warm boot and cold boot?

Yes, is a Xavier devkit.

I receive this message: “FATAL: cannot open /dev/ttyUSB3: no such file or directory”

Do you connect the usb port already? Please take a photo for us to check.

I was able to connect but I cannot open the file because it tells me that there is no more disk space…
How can i do?

Can i download it in host machine?


This is a serial console node… So I am not very sure why there is disk space issue.

We are using ttyUSB3 as an interface to open a terminal to access the tegra…

If you are using ssh to access the device already, then just ignore what I said and share us the Xorg.0.log…

Ok sure!
So i can connect, delete some files and reboot?

Or is better try to download all files and flash?


Need to clarify…
picocom and minicom are tools running on host. We use uart interface to read and control the device just like ssh can do. Thus, if you already accessed your board with ssh, you don’t need to use picocom or minicom at all.

So i can connect, delete some files and reboot?

Yes you can.

Or is better try to download all files and flash?

Do you mean backup your current file and re-flash the board?

Yes, can i backup all files in home folder via pico com or minicom?
Thanks a lot


No, you cannot backup all files through UART. UART is low speed i/o so not suitable for doing such thing.

Actually, what I want to do is check why the desktop is not showing up on your monitor. But not intend to ask you to re-flash the board.

But if you want to re-flash your board, I can share you the step. It depends on you.

I understand…

i can see my files / folders via picocom.
What I am asking is: if I delete some files, will I solve the problem?

I don’t know the cause of this issue either. Why do you think the disk space causes this problem?

Because i receive this error: “cannot create temp file for here-document: No space left on device”

From the behavior, if you could ssh or use serial console(picocom) to access your board and it still gives you response. Then it means the system is still working, but the desktop is not just showing up. It means desktop process hits some error during the boot up.

You could also use command df -h to check the disk usage.

Disk Usage 100%

Really thanks thanks thanks!!!

So clean out some disk space can resolve this issue?

I moved all files from home to SSD and then i removed all files in home.
Reboot and go

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