XAVIER DRM mode timing configuration issue

In the DRM interface, I submitted the following CRTC timing configuration.
drmModeModeInfo mode;
mode.vrefresh = 60;
mode.clock = 533280;
mode.hdisplay = 3840;
mode.hsync_start = 3888;
mode.hsync_end = 3920;
mode.htotal = 4000;
mode.vdisplay = 2160;
mode.vsync_start = 2160;
mode.vsync_end = 2168;
mode.vtotal = 2222;
drmModeCreatePropertyBlob(m_res.drm_fd, &mode, sizeof(mode), &blob_id);
req = drmModeAtomicAlloc();
drmModeAtomicAddProperty(req, crtc_id, property_active, 1);
drmModeAtomicAddProperty(req, crtc_id, property_mode_id, blob_id);
drmModeAtomicAddProperty(req, conn_id, property_crtc_id, crtc_id);
drmModeAtomicCommit(m_res.drm_fd, req, DRM_MODE_ATOMIC_ALLOW_MODESET, NULL); //提交设置

After setting the mode.clock to 533280KHz and the frame rate to 60, when I use the “fbset” command to view the current mode, it shows that the mode is set to:
root@avcit-desktop:/usr/bin# fbset

mode “3840x2160-60”
# D: 533.333 MHz, H: 133.333 kHz, V: 60.006 Hz
geometry 3840 2160 3840 2160 32
timings 1875 80 48 54 3 32 5
rgba 8/16,8/8,8/0,8/24

Can you tell me why the pixel clock is 533333KHz and the frame rate is 60.006Hz instead of the frame rate of 60Hz and the pixel clock of 533280KHz that I submitted?


What is the value from this monitor if you don’t set this things by yourself?

Hello! I apologize for any confusion. If I understand correctly, you are asking if the DRM mode can be customized by the user and if it should output according to the submitted timing. Is that correct?


Generally we hope you just follow the monitor spec which got read from EDID but not customized by you.

We don’t guarantee such customized thing can work fine.

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